Video Production

Working in the production industry, I had the opportunity to perform in a multitude of roles for live events and television shows while learning expert skillsets required for fast-paced production projects.

One of my favorite production experiences was working with Sony Computer Entertainment in San Diego.

Storyboarding unique trailers, in-game tutorials, and in-game cinematics allowed for me to craft non-traditional methods for building engagement within video games. As a project coordinator, I was responsible for bringing a vision to reality by collaborating closely with the editing and visual effects teams.

For Starhawk, I was the Project Coordinator for several trailers including the main storyline trailer and Multiplayer guides.  I worked with the developers and marketing producers to create scripts and storyboards for the trailers. I then worked with the editing teams to direct QA testers and filmed the in-game scenes that we needed for the trailers.  Once the scenes were shot, I coordinated and tracked the edits with the editors and graphics teams and submitted everything to the developers for approval.