GI Film Festival


For the 2016 GI Film Festival Season, I developed and executed a social media strategy, creating awareness of the mission of the festival, along with the films and filmmakers that were a part of the event.  One of the biggest ways I created engagement and interest during the 2016 festival season was to use influencers that were partnered with the festival to cross promote with us on their social pages.  Below are some examples of those posts.


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 5.13.52 PM

The GI Film Festival partnered with Ranger Up to promote the GI Film Festival’s Fathom event.  The post was cross-promoted on the GI Film Festival Facebook Page as well on Ranger Up’s Facebook page.  We received 7.9k views, 32 shares, and 76 likes and loves.


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 5.06.54 PM

Opening night of the 2016 GI Film Festival was Gary Sinise and the LT. Dan Band performing at the Howard Theater.  On the festival’s Facebook page we shared videos of his past concerts while Gary Sinise shared information about the festival on his foundation’s Facebook page.  Through this received 6.8k views with 90 likes and 37 shares.