Allied Integrated Marketing

Allied Wasshington DC Social Page

As part of my position at Allied Integrated Marketing, I oversee the social pages for Allied in Washington DC, Baltimore, and Norfolk areas.  Our goal is to make our client’s films known in those markets through social media.  For Facebook, in order to increase interaction, we do contests and giveaways, as well as share information about the films.


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For “A Dog’s Purpose” Blu-ray DVD giveaway instead of doing a radio giveaway, our team decided to have a social media contest.   Since the movie was based on dogs, I had our Facebook fans post pictures of their dogs in order to be entered to win.  Our Facebook post received 30+ comments and had an organic reach of 2,605 without us boosting the post.


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For Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. our team came up with a #GrootOnTheLoose contest.  We would tease where in DC Baby Groot was and fans were encouraged to come out and find him in order to win VIP tickets to our advance screening.  It ended up being a very popular contest that we cross-promoted on other social media pages.