Facebook on smartphone

Since the start, in my eyes, Facebook has always been the leader in social media. With the ever changing ways that Facebook switches up it’s alogrithms,  Facebook pages have to create new ways to reach their audiences and create engagement with them.  Below are examples of how I created engaging posts that reached audiences organically, without having to boost or advertise them.


Allied Integrated Marketing

As part of my position at Allied Integrated Marketing, I oversee the social pages for Allied in Washington DC, Baltimore, and Norfolk areas.  Our goal is to make our client’s films known in those markets through social media.  For Facebook, in order to increase interaction, we do contests and giveaways, as well as share information … Continue reading Allied Integrated Marketing

GI Film Festival

For the 2016 GI Film Festival Season, I developed and executed a social media strategy, creating awareness of the mission of the festival, along with the films and filmmakers that were a part of the event.  One of the biggest ways I created engagement and interest during the 2016 festival season was to use influencers that … Continue reading GI Film Festival

Mark My Words Book Publicity

After identifying a niche market for supporting independent authors, I formed Mark My Words Books Publicity, where we developed publicity and marketing strategies for 30+ independent, self-publishing authors.  A big part of that business was creating social media campaigns for the authors and for the business itself.   For this author in order to share … Continue reading Mark My Words Book Publicity