Social Media

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I am a social media nerd.  While most people tend to think that social media is just an addiction to your phone, I see it as a new way to connect with people that was not possible before.  Beyond connections with other people, I see the interesting ways that companies and brands are able to directly engage with their audiences. I am that person that will get excited by a brilliant social or viral campaign.

Below are several examples of social media campaigns.




Since the start, in my eyes, Facebook has always been the leader in social media. With the ever changing ways that Facebook switches up it’s alogrithms,  Facebook pages have to create new ways to reach their audiences and create engagement with them.  Below are examples of how I created engaging posts that reached audiences organically, … Continue reading Facebook


Instagram is giving Facebook a run for its money, popularity wise, even though Facebook acquired it in 2012.  Because the focus has become more on photos, Instagram, in my opinion, has become the easiest way to reach the millennial generation. Below are screenshots from accounts that I have overseen.  Through interesting photos and contests, I have helped … Continue reading Instagram