Live Events

Having a large scale event come together is one of the most rewarding experiences.  From development to execution I have had a hand in all aspects of planning and coordinating events.


San Diego Film Festival

  Watching a large-scale event go from an idea to a smooth orchestration is extremely rewarding. As festival producer for the San Diego Film Festival, I valued managing and organizing all of logistics of the festival including sponsorship activations and event space coordination.

Q&A Screenings

One of the best ways to generate publicity around a film is to host live question and answer screenings for targeted audiences. I have worked with the studios and theaters to organize these events.

Red Carpet Events

From 2011 -2013 I was the Red Carpet Coordinator for The Golden Globe Awards.  I worked with NBC on the red carpet during the live event.   I coordinated with our production team in the truck and with our talent spotters to organize which celebrities were hitting each of our on-air talent positions.